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Monday, February 02, 2015

Photographed by James Chrosniak  // Pike Place Market

COAT: ZARA (or adore this & this)  //  KNIT: LOFT (old, similar here or here in shirt)  //  JEANS: Free People (sold out, similar here)  // BOOTS: JustFab  //  BAG: JustFab  //  ACCESSORIES: H&M earrings, ASOS snake ring  //  SHADES:  H&M (old, similar here)  //  Lipstick: The Body Shop 


Hi LOVEs!!! Happy Monday!
Today, I am showing off a combo that is currently a favorite of mine. Can you guess which items make up that combo? Yes, a fur coat, skinny jeans, and over-the-knee boots. I've been seriously obsessed with this super adorable fur coat I snagged on sale a few months ago at ZARA, and I practically can't take it off. Then, I got these thigh-high OTN boots recently from JustFab. I once saw how flattering the skinny jeans and OTN boots combo was on Olivia Palermo, so I definitely wanted to try if for myself. I LOVED IT!

Sometimes, I am eager to put simple pieces together to make a look that is greter than the sum of its parts. Like simply throwing on a sweater and wearing a pair of jeans. Of course, I still wanna keep things stylish. I believe these OTN boots are the magic component of this look, and you can also layer up with them on, so even better!! You can never go wrong with OTN boots!!! <3 I chose my beloved heart printed light knit (it's gifted from my dearest mom!!! ) to go with the ensemble.   

When I wore this look, it was a perfect sunny day, which made it feel as if it was spring. So I wanted to enjoy the feeling by adding this newly added ice-blue mini bag from JustFab. I always adore anything in the pastel color-block, and I am so pleased with how I played things up with the fur coat and the bag. I decided to stick with a pink color palette for accessories and makeup to match the fur coat: Pink earrings, pink eye shadow and pink lipstick.

Hope you had an amazing weekend and cheers to a new month!


Thank you for reading!!!!

☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ - STAY FASHiONABLE, STAY UNiQUE - ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆

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4 fashionable comments

  1. I love, I love , I love !!!! This combination is my favorite of your blog too ! Of course, I'm a great fan of over the knee and thigh high boots ... and I would like to share my great admiration of thigh high boots ... These outfits are so cute and beautiful and the boots so chic ! I 'm fan however, because you have for me the best tastes in my way of fashion...I see this combo on LOOKBOOK in 1st ... I like to follow your nice blog ( sorry for my blog, temporary out of link for a new design style ), you can found my Looks on chictopia or Lookbook.... last words :your photos are wonderful ! ♥

  2. I'm ok with you ! Stunning and awesome :) The best " street style " for winter fashion ...( for spring and fall too ! ) The over the knee boots are the must have and this combo is preppy and pretty .... great choice , I love the coat and the shirt ;.. all my congratulations for the nice pics !

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