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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Photographed by Benjamin Widdowson // West Seattle 

STRIPE BLAZER (Similar Here): H&M
MOTTO TEE: c/o Le MottoDENIM SHORTS: Another Edition (Japanese Brand)
KNEE HIGH BOOTS (Similar Here or Here): Gifted from Mom
SUNGLASSES: Forever 21
WATCH: c/o Charlotte Russe


Hi LOVEs! Fall is finally here!
Before I came to the States all by myself - no friends, no relatives - 6 years ago,  I used to easily give up, especially on my dreams. I didn't even try hard to give things a shot. I felt that I couldn't accomplish anything, even if I tried. I didn't have courage and expected that things would only happen if they were meant to be. But you know, that is not right. If you want things to happen, you gotta try and put some effort to make them materialize. After I was here in America on my own for a few years, I slowly yet dynamically changed myself and even my life. I would say it was a 180 degree change.  I became stronger, more courageous, and more ambitious. I gained more self-confidence and I envision that my life is going to be what I want it to be. I try to overcome my fear of doing doing something that might be uncomfortable or that seems to be super new to me.

To be honest with you, it is super hard and tough to pursue my dreams in a foreign country. I've been struggling with many many things and that has brought deep depression on occasion. However, I always strive to push myself to work hard with solid will and strong passion not to be defeated. I am so determined that nothing can stop me. Even though sometimes I amy experience times of negativity, now I feel like I am finally "alive" and I sense that I have my feet on the right path with a clear vision of my destination. Finally, I found how to be "true to myself."
 Ever since I decided to pursue my dreams, I have had a lot of mottos in mind to keep myself going, and one of them is definitely... "Don't give up!!!" Although I have had to face innumerable obstacles on the path to chase my dreams, having this quote in my head really helps me to stand up, and as a result I've encountered numerous moments that made me think "This is just too good to be true!" I still can't believe some of the smaller dreams were actually realized already within short periods. Because of that, I can now confidentially say this:
As long as you don't give up, you can make anything happen no matter how long it may take.

With the being said, I am very pleased to get my hands on this tee with such an inspiring quote from Le Motto. I really admire what they believe and what they do:

We believe that words do have power and each tee presents an original personal motto. The fundamental purpose behind the Le Motto Collection is to promote positivity.  With the impact of just a few well-chosen words, it can be enormous! In addition to promoting universal positivity, currently 10% of profits are being allocated to anti-bullying causes.  

How amazing is that? Besides the motto I picked, there are more inspirational motto tees available on their site, and of course mens tees are there, too! To style up my tee, I paired it with some major basic items such as a blazer and denim shorts. Yet, it's time to cozy up! I added a rib beanie for a pop of color and a pair of over-the-knee boots! (Oh god, these ones are amazingly comfy, thank you so much Mom!) I finished off by adding a fringe bag for a touch of edginess, and I loved how I rocked it when I folded the bag half and used it as a clutch!     

What's is your motto for life?
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4 fashionable comments

  1. wonderful blog dear!! love this outfit and the bag is perfect! would you like to follow each other!? let me know about it! kisses!

  2. Aw, those are lovely words to live by! :)

  3. I think life is waaaay too short, we shouldn't let obstacles and difficulties stop us from being happy in the end. Your dreams are worth a shot, no matter how silly or impossible they seem. I've been seeing so many people letting go of their love and passion, just so they can fit into society's framework of what is normal and what is right. Do whatever makes you happy damn it, how hard is that!
    I love your blog and posts, always make me happy ^_^ And your style is kick ass too!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Aika! Like you, I had to overcome the struggles of adjusting to a foreign country with no family, so I know exactly what you've been through. Like you, I am now proud of how far I have come and how strong I've become. I am proud of you! Never, ever give up. All my best, Vaiana


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