Embrace the Little Happiness

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Photographed by Marcus Annable // Kirkland Waterfront 

POINTY PUMPS (old, Similar Here): GUESS
SUNGLASSES: Buffalo Exchange
NECKLACES: c/o Charlotte Russe & Charming Charlie  


First and foremost, I wanted to give a big thank you to my friend - Marcus - for photographing me lately to help me out. He is my old friend from my collage and I met him 5 years ago. I am so pleased we connected again after not talking for nearly 4 years! He is my main photographer now, and I am quite impressed with his photography skills although he has never done with fashion photoshoot because photography to him is a hobby and his focus is more nature and animals. I am delighted I was a trigger to expanded his photography expertise, and I hope working with me will help him improve that.
You know, if you are a fashion blogger and you have no one to take photos of your looks, that would be a crucial matter. Even if you do have the person, it could be another issue when he or she is seemingly uncomfortable to work with. I had been struggling with those difficulties, but he definitely saved me a lot. And he more impressed me as we work together because of the amazing results he creates!

I was more than happy that we ended up choosing the best location for our first shoot. Look at the insanely spectacular sunset... I've never ran into this amazing golden hour in Seattle. Plus we captured it during the photoshoot. It's double yays! I think you know that feeling like "I am so thankful for everything right now" whenever you witness the sunset. It even strengthens the feeling that "I am so glad I am alive and I can feel it from the bottom of my heart."
My life has been very tough. I believe I am not the only one who says that. However, I really appreciate I've encountered countless moments of little happiness like this. Instead of complaining how hard your life is, it's definitely worth and you can make better life if you try to find anything that makes you happy and smile, and even be appreciative for your pitfalls and struggles. "Pain makes stronger, tears makes you braver, and heartbreaks makes you wiser, so thank the past for a better future." A good thing ALWAYS comes after a bad thing, right?

New autumn season means new knit hunting! I got this comfiest fuzzy knit last month at H&M, and I've been seriously in love with it! The comfortableness is just mind blowing.  No lies, I can sleep in this! I love how this knit could be worn in dress up and dress down. When I attended the Seattle's big fashion show, Downtown Seattle Rocks the Runway, I styled it up with a lace midi skirt and floral sandals, accessorizing in some gold jewelry. And this time I wanted to go for a laid back style to enjoy the beautiful sunny day so I chose leggings and gold pointy pumps. To me, paying a little attention to add some accessories is a key to polish a look. I can't walk out the door without a single accessory forgotten. I appreciate that mixing in gold jewelry offers the right amount of accent to this simple look, and even looked better with the gold sky.

Happy Tuesday sweet pies!   


Thank you for reading!!!!

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  1. amazing photos dear!! love your combination! such a perfect outfit!! im following you on gfc! hope you can visit my page and follow me too! kisses!:)


  2. I love your photos! <3


  3. Love your outfit!!!
    It's romanticly pretty


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