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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Photographed by Teban S. of Asian Impressions // Alki Beach 

I was planning to post a new look today, but when I was working on it, I accidentally lost everything. So I decided to post some photos I haven't shared yet with you guys today!

Teban is one of the talented photographers I know from Seattle and also has become one of my precious friends now as we have been working together. I always have pleasure and enjoyable time with him whenever we hang out, and he's also been one of the big supporters like my family, giving me a lot of encouragement and cheer. It's definitely a life treasure to have such an amazing friend around you even if you don't know the person for a long time...

During our fun photoshooting in the past, he brought his expired 200 ISO fuji Film as well as his regular camera, and took some pictures with it. At the time, we couldn't check how each picture turned out, but I just love the photos so much and was truly fascinated with how the pictures express very nice artsy and vintage feeling. Even though these ones were taken a few months ago, they make me feel as if from a long time ago like 10 years. I really want to get hands on a film camera now! Maybe I have to request to someone to get me an handy inexpensive film camera for my birthday which is coming next month... haha :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do 


Thank you for reading!!!!

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2 fashionable comments

  1. The photos are wonderful! :)


  2. Love the vintage feel of the photos! ^_^ And I love your hair tied in a ponytail like that, I want hair like that O_O


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