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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Support #SmallBusinessSaturday babes!!!

Photographed by Emmy Trinh  //  Parsons Garden 


I hope you guys are still enjoying this crazy Black Holiday shopping week! Did you score anything that you'd been eyeing for?  My shopping is non-stopping, I just can't help because the deals are insane!! (insert heart eye shaped emoji here! )
I know #SmallBusinessSaturday is yesterday, but I think it's not too late yet, to support my love, Emmy who owns a small jewelry line called Emmy Trinh Jewelry. I am the kind of girl who can't leave her door without accessories. In my wardrobe, they play a very important roll sometimes.. I used to be sucker for chunky pieces, well.. I think I still am, but I am more into dainty ones for the past few years because they are so effortless yet bold enough to rock every day. And Emmy thinks the same way - "Jewelry is essential to my wardrobe. It's the easiest way to update my look...and it always fits"
She uses precious and semi-precious stones with gold-filled and sterling silver, which I adore so much, to create chic, modern and refined pieces that exude a hint of sexy femininity. Her jewelry line is also inspired by architecture and nature, and is a reflection of geometric design and the visual elements of the west coast.
Each pieces are carefully handcrafted, and I just love wearing hers in my daily looks. Did you guys know that gemstone has its own meaning? I didn't, but knowing what it actually means gives me more affection to it every time I wear it. With that being said, I am so pleased to sport this gorgeous Blue Hour Necklace with 
Lapis Lazuli gemstone, which means to help improve memory, attracts success, and is a stone of communication. Sounds very charming to me. Glad she picked this one for me because I'd love to be successful!
She is offering a weekend sale right now! So today's the last chance to get your hands on such a lovely gemstone jewelry with budget-friendly, and it's definitely a perfect holiday gift for all women. Your girl would be so delighted..! Simply enter the promo code 'SHOPSMALL' at your checkout to get 15% off.
Happy Shopping!♥

Thank you for reading!!!!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ - STAY FASHiONABLE, STAY UNiQUE - ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

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  1. beautiful jewelry. The importance of stones can improve mood, I agree with that.


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