City Sunset and Jean Stripes

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Photographed by Erci Paguio of // Jose Rizal Bridge

PLATFORM PUMPS (similar here): Steve Madden
'DEEP BLUE SEA' NECKLACE: Bad Kitty Accessories



 Hi LOVEs!!!
I hope that you had an amazing weekend! It's about time to ready for the next weekend. Only a few left this summer -- make them count! For some time now, I've longed to work again with one of my beloved friends and most talented photographers I know in Seattle, Eric. He had been taking a break from pressing the shutters, (Yes, I'd been very sad...) but he recently decided to get back on in the saddle and resume photography! The moment he responded to my request for a photoshoot with a 'Yes, let's do it', I was so excited! As always, I had a lot of pleasurable moments shooting with him. So glad to create some magic with him again!  

As a perfect backdrop for this outfit, he took me to one of the popular spots in Seattle known for capturing the Seattle's spectacular views. When we got there, we were right on time to come across a beautiful sunset. I was literally speechless for a little while....

I think the last time I wore these jeans was like a decade ago. Yeah... it's summer, it's better to wear shorts or sundress to keep it cool, and I totally agree with that. But you know it's always fun to change the things up, right? (Of course in a good way!) I really like this summer look with these skinny jeans! Since they are low-rise, it makes the top look like a crop top, showing a little bit of skin around my tummy, and letting in a bit of a breeze.  I also hadn't worn these beautiful pumps for a long time, and they always make me incredibly happy. I can't just get enough of shoes that give a plenty amount of height yet are very comfortable to walk around!
Because the top is blue stripes, I styled it up with a gorgeous "Deep Blue Sea" necklace! I am very fascinated that a single statement necklace can instantly add such an impact to an outfit. If you live in the Seattle area, I highly recommend checking out Bad Kitty Accessories in Southcenter Mall. They are a very new jewelry store, but they carry a vast selection of wonderful pieces that surely add that WOW to your look. As a case in point, my necklace is from Bad Kitty Accessories and you can't deny its effect! <3

To speak a little bit about a hairstyle, the 'pompadour ponytail' is an easy yet versatile hairstyle for summer. It makes a simple ponytail look dressed-up, is flattering to most face shapes, and most amazingly, helps you avoid the heat around your neck while looking elegant! If you are tired of your everyday ponytail and are looking for a little twist, it is also a perfect updo that is not too complicated!!

I hope you enjoyed how I wore jeans in this summer look!
Have a lovely Tuesday


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