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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do you design your dreams?
Photographed by Teban S. of Asian ImpressionsNoir Impressions   //  Swann House in D.C.

BLAZER: H&M (old, similar at SHOPBOB & Chico's)
SHORTS: Nasty Gal (old, similar at Nasty Gal & ASOS)
SHOES: Steve Madden 


Here is the second set of photoshoot I did with my friend Teban during my DC trip! (Here is the first set!) I'd been dying to try something high-end magazine inspired and editorial shoot for a long time, so I couldn't be more pleased with how this set came out. I know it's seductive, but that's my intention--appealing, feminine yet fashion forward. 
I know I am far from those models appeared in Vogue, yet it's all about challenging myself and trying to reach my goals!
To be really honest with you, I used to want to be a model when I was young. Actually.... I was once a kid model for a catalog. But that's all. As I was growing, I realized that I wasn't qualified enough mostly because of my height and my body proportion. However, since I started my blog and learned how to show my best side by styling, posing, and angles, I've been convinced that maybe I should keep my childhood dream alive and make it happen one day. Then, show anyone who is in the same shoes that their goals definitely would be fulfilled as long as you have the courage and effort to pursue them. So even though I call myself a style/fashion blogger, I've been pushing myself harder and will continue to strive for my dreams. 

There is a famous quote by Ralph Lauren that Teban shared with me - "I don't design clothes, I design dreams"
This quote is very inspiring to me because it gives me absolute hope that everyone can create their own dreams. Dreams are not what you see, they are something you can make come true.

Hope you enjoyed this set, and stay tuned for the third one! 
Have a good one, cutie pies


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3 fashionable comments

  1. Drop. Dead. GORGEOUS. Absolutely mesmerizing. You always look SO amazing.


  2. Pictures came out really good! special with stripped blazer! your hair are so beautiful, make me miss my long hair too ;)

  3. Wow.. sometimes just one word suffices: WOW! :)

    Okay, a few more.. you look gorgeous! :)

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