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Monday, April 27, 2015

Long time no blog guys... But I actually have a reason for that. I was freaked out.

Photographed by Tadashi Kayo  //  Random street in Seattle 

TOP: Nasty Gal (similar here or here)  //  SHORTS: Aritzia  //  SHOES: ShoeDazzle (old, similar here)  //  BRALETTE: Arizita (or similar)  //  BAG: c/o The YUB


Hi LOVEs!!!!
Sorry for the lack of updates here. If you follow me on my snapchat (@fashionistaika), you already known what happened to me over the last several days... But for those who don't...I had extremely rough and tragic moment recently when my landlord locked me in the garage intentionally for freaking three hours... Yep. It sounds crazy, doesn't it? I felt like I was suddenly locked in a prison for no reasons. This was the most cruel experience I've ever had in my life. As a result, I've become kind of mistrustful of people and experience has made me hardly want to do anything. Thanks to my friends who were there for me, I am now recovering very quickly! Plus I found a new place to move to, so hopefully everything will get better!

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went out for a night drive. We just kept driving and enjoyed the calm night while music played on the radio. I especially adore the city lights as viewed from the freeway. This kind of night never gets old, and it always helps me clear and refresh my mind. I wish I had my own car so that I could do this as much as I want to.
We stopped at a random street and did some night photoshooting.  We didn't expect good results, but I actually like them because of how each picture gives expressions. Hope you enjoyed them, too!

Sweet dreams babes <3



Thank you for reading!!!!

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4 fashionable comments

  1. Wtf, why would the freaking landlord lock you up for three hours???? O_O What was the motivation behind this? I'm so happy you're okay now, but seriously, wtf, what kind of people live there! And very glad you found a new place to live in, this pissed me off so much! >.<
    As for the fashiony part, these night shots turned out amazing! Especially the lipstick one, you are gorgeous ^_^

  2. some preople are pretty damaged!What kind of person does that:s
    I am glad you are ok and hopefully past that awful moment

    you look gorgeous!


  3. Wow.. I'm glad you're feeling better. Whoa.
    One time my mother and I caught our landlord stealing our tv and microwave. We all froze in the moment because it was just like.. Are you kidding me ?! And I was around ten years old at the time ! We moved immediately just like you are. Just.. crazy.

    I'm glad you're friends are helping you, too. It's a beautiful thing to be able to love and trust another person, or to keep faith in society as a whole.

    Also, I, too, love the vibe of these photos ! It looks as though you're releasing feelings into the air. Very cool sort of candid style.



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