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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photographed by Jeremy Kwong

OPEN-TOE PUMPS: Crossroads Trading Co.
GOLD CLUTCH (similar HERE or HERE): ShopRoxx


Red is always my favorite color and forever will be. To me, since my name consists of the meaning of "love" in Japanese (Ai = Love), red seems to be a perfect color, representing who I am. Whenever I wear clothes with red, I feel like I truly become myself.  I believe that everyone also must have a particular color that is very symbolic to you :)

This red scuba knit fabric dress courtesy from Charlotte Russe is one of the bodycon dresses I am very fond of. Talking a little personal, I don't feel good about my breast size because they are not sexily big and wish to have a bit bigger ones :P That's why, I am quite uncomfortable wearing a dress that has a wide open-cut in the middle of chest, although I REALLY want to try out those dresses just because I personally consider them sexier and more attractive. However, this dress can magically cover my inferiority while still helping me pull of the sexiness. Generally, red dresses are much bolder than black dresses thanks to the bright color, so it's awesome to have one in your closet when you wanna go for a more conspicuous look.
I love the notched neckline that shows off the right amount of shoulders, creating a sassy silhouette. The mesh cut-outs around my thighs add a flirty peek-a-boo and a can't-miss twist. Plus, they create the magic of elongating my legs and making me look slimmer.
When I came to select the shoes, I couldn't make a quick decision (in a good way, though!) because I have too many shoes to choose from! But soon my eyes settled on the right pair! I scored these amazing open-toe pumps with interesting details on the heels and soles at Crossroads Trading Co., and they perfectly compliment the look. Also, they integrate very well with the black and gold accessories! And of course adding red lips is always a great way to complete evening and dressy looks for the finishing touch!

I should have published this post on either Friday night or weekend, not in the middle of the week because I feel that is more appropriate. Hopefully you like this look, though, and I can give you some inspiration to your night-out look for the upcoming weekend!

Happy Thursday! 


♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ STAY FASHIONABLE, STAY UNIQUE ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

Thank you for reading!!!!


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  1. daaaaayummm! This dress is so freaking sexy I'm in shock! I love all the sheer panelling, and of course, the traffic light red coloring! Killing it! x


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