Boyfriend Jacket X Leopard Booties

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BLAZER, TOP: Forever 21  |  SHORTS: Another Edition (Japanese Brand)  |  LEOPARD BOOTIES: ASOS  |  SUNNIES, EARRINGS: Urban Outfitters  |  BRACELETS, RINGS: H&M, F21, ASOS, Charlotte Russe

This is one of my work outfits and I completely love it because it has a feeling of both coolness and sexiness but not too much. Also I am in love with two things, which is the title of this post, BOYFRIEND JACKET & LEOPARD BOOTIES. Since I am petite and my shoulder is narrow as well as sloping, I always have a trouble finding an oversized jacket that fits me well. Not only about the fitting, I really adore its color, retro orange. I've seen other colors like red, blue, yellow, and pink yet orange. Those leopard booties are bomb! Leopard prints are always so stylish and never be out of style/fashion. When I found them at ASOS, I saw the sign "SOLD OUT", but then I came back a while after, the sign was gone!!! I was too excited (How couldn't I? lol ) because it seemed like I was the LAST one who was able to purchase the pair. One problem of the shoes,though, is I can't wear them for a long time since their heels are quite high although I get used to it... However if I carry flats there is no problem :) The fall boots I want to own for myself is SNAKESKIN boots or heels (BOOTS here, here or here HEELS here) ! Hope I am a good hunter to find them sooner!!!!!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆    STAY FASHIONABLE!!!! ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 
Thank you for reading!!!!

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