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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hello my LOVEly readers!!!
I know it's been a long time since the last post. I've been having a hectic life these days...
But I will try to push myself to update constantly because I have tons of outfits, thoughts, and inspirations to share with you guys :)

So as I mentioned in the past post that I went to Buffalo Exchange  to shop for myself, here are the pictures FINALLY!!!! Sorry for my procrastination...
Also, since then I went to H&M and Forever 21(very fun places to shop, aren't they?!) a few days ago; hope to write about my another haul in the next few posts :))))

 Enjoyyyyyyyyyy :-*

I didn't have any star print tops/blouses or sheer ones. That's why this great blouse is a perfect piece for me. When I tried it on, it was OMG! Simply wearing this itself is very challenging, it's super cold out there, but I can still wear this with a colorful sweater and when spring comes, it must be great with simple black bras with high waisted bottoms.

Since I lost my black leggings somewhere and somehow(lol), I just needed to buy one :p

Burnt Orange skinny pants. Just for me who is petite plus is Asian, I always have trouble finding nice bottoms. A few stores carry size 00, which is my perfect size, but most of them don't. Yea that totally sucks for me.  However, I am totally in love with these pants because of the color and super excellent fitting! I haven't still worn them yet!! Gotta do it RIGHT NOW!

Super chic and stylish!!!!! I don't think it's real leather, yet the texture is totally amazing enough for me to make me feel happy! I like the details around the waist and pockets and even in the back. It seems like a perfect size to me, unfortunately they're a little bit big. But why not wear them turning up the waist :p

When I first found this lovely knit dress, I was thinking if I should get it due to its size, Large. Regardless, after I tired it on, it was so lovely that I could not put it back to the rack and was convinced to buy it. I love chunky tops and wearing them effortlessly, and this dress is the one!!!!! We are finally able to see the sun here in Seattle, it's still cold outside. This one will help me solve the problem still being stylish and fashionable and even making myself warm :)

Buttoned up orange sheer/chiffon blouse. Isn't it such a cute blouse? It's super comfy and very striking!!!! Orange is one of my favorite colors because it cheers me up, and I am already super obsessed with this blouse. I can wear it in tons of ways; buttoned up & down, putting it on over something just like a thin cardigan, and so on. What I like the most about this blouse is how the undersleeves show off when I open my arms, as you can see in the third picture.

I have to admit that I am such a sucker for hats. I have more than 10 to 15 hats in my closet. I know it's crazy huh? or maybe not. I didn't get this fabulous hat from BE, I actually found it at Nordstrom Rack after my friends and I swung by there. One of my friends accidentally spotted it saying "Aika try this on". After I did it, RIGHT ON! Perfect color and perfect fit!!!!!!!! I can never get enough to collect lovely hats like this! N E V E R!!!!! I actually bought a really lovely burgundy fedora at F21 when I shopped there... hehe YES, she already made me happy!!!! Can't wait to show you!!!!!

♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆    Thank you so much for reading!  ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆  ♥ ☆  ♥ 
Hope you all have a sweet and lovely one!! 

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9 fashionable comments

  1. I love the shorts!

  2. Thanks for following me, now following you back xoxo

  3. love your new buys!
    particularly the shorts and the hat, they're both adorable :)

  4. nice blog!


  5. great shopping! love the leather shorts and hat.xx


  6. love love everything especially the star blouse, leather shorts and color pants

  7. as a fashion blogger, sahopping is a top of our list isn't it??hehe
    fabulous hat dear <3

  8. I love shopping too - new clothes, aww <3 I like your shirt - it's very pretty :)
    Joanna from www.violinstyle.blogspot.com

    PS. Take a look at my Lady Gaga's outfit with cat eye glasses and metallic blouse. If you like it, please follow me. I'll be happy to follow you back :)

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