Scarf Season

Monday, November 17, 2014

Photographed by James Chrosniak // Pike Place Market

SCARF :: GAP (old, Similar Here)


 SKIRT :: Bliss, a local boutique (Option Here, Here, and Here)

BOOTIES :: Steve Madden

BAG :: Rebecca Minkoff 
EARRINGS & WATCH :: Charming Charlie
RINGS :: H&M, Forever 21, ALDO


Hi LOVEs! Happy Monday!
How was your weekend? Did you have a good one? I actually had a lot of fun things going on for  my weekend! I kicked off the weekend on Saturday by attending my first blogger brunch event at MOTIF in Downtown, I met and connected with several lovely fellow local bloggers, and went home with a super sweet swag bag filled with an ELLE magazine, beauty goodies and testers, and a flawless snakeskin printed clutch bag!! I spent my Sunday with my bestie getting some yummy sushi, doing a little shopping Downtown, and we ended our day enjoying some FroYo! He's been like my brother ever since I first came here to attend school. It is always so refreshing to catch up with old friends who feel like family. It is especially important to me since my own family and good friends are far away (in Japan), so this time spent together was more than simply an enjoyable time! It was crazy busy last week, so I was so happy to recharge and prepare for another busy week! (I hope it won't be as busy as last week, though!)

As much as I am a huge lover of hats and shoes, I am a big collector of scarves! When we welcome fall and winter, it's so crucial to be able to dress cozy while remaining stylish! Scarves are one of the key essentials to help you easily achieve that goal. Sometimes they even turn out to be a statement piece for your outfit! There are tons of options in varying colors, designs, and fabrics! One day I would love to go shopping just to find a few perfect scarves for the season! It would be so much fun!
I think a lot of people tend to go for darker colors as the temperature is dropping, and so do I! But dark colors can be subdued and muted, so I always find myself adding sass with a bit of color! After I dressed in some of my favorite black pieces from my closet, I complimented the look by adding a plaid scarf for a pop of color and playfulness! I really love how the scarf is so versatile in styling and how each one looks slightly different from another. You might be seeing a lot more of me rocking all-black ensembles with different types of scarves! haha
I hope you like today's look!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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3 fashionable comments

  1. I'm a scarf addict, especially the scarves which you can wrap yourself into, burrito style! ^_^
    I love your outfit, the booties are spectacular! Sounds like you had an awesome Weekend, so jelly :D


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