Black Laces + Pastel Biker Jacket

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

 Photographed by Justin Swain

LACE TOP: Isabel Marant pour H&M
LACE SKIRT: Free People
RINGS: Forever 21 & H&M


Hi LOVEs! How are ya?
I wore this outfit when I went to SEE Eyewear launch party a while ago... I definitely love the combo of lace on lace. I was pleased with outcome and that the whole outfit looks like one complete dress with two different patterns combined on top and bottom. Because of one-color hue, it helps one look taller by creating an "I" figure. Thanks to the lace patterns, the skin is peeking through the clothes -- emphasizing sex appeal. I think it's safe to say that all black could be worn in Spring if skin is still showing. The lace skirt is adjustable, so I made it a midi-skirt instead of a maxi-skirt so that I could wear black socks to go with. Wearing ankle socks in any shoes is such a great idea, especially during the season when you can't wear boots because it's too hot, and you can't wear pumps or sandals either because it's too chilly. Since this outfit was for an eyewear brand launch party, I mixed a pair of black flamed fake glasses for a little playful accent and then accessorized with silver jewelry.

Now that the season is switching to spring, and it's time to let the dark clothes sit back in the closet and bring out the bright colors to play. I love black biker jackets, but I needed to update my wardrobe with some new dazzling pieces. Then, I picked up this insanely awesome pastel biker jacket from ZARA. Seriously it keep blowing me away every time I wear it. Everything is just on point! Beautiful pastel blue, its design is a bit of boxy structure that helps to stay on my narrow shoulders when wearing it over-the-shoulder. Just wearing this jacket alone is super trendy! I am even obsessed with its back silhouette. Because the jacket is pastel blue, I paired a watch with a blue bungle to match and make it pop out of the all-black ensemble. 
Whenever you are struggling with  which shoes you should go for to complete the look, pick a pair of nude shoes. You'll never go wrong with them, and they are magically harmonized with any outfit and any occasion!

Wishing you a very wonderful week, sweeties! 


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3 fashionable comments

  1. loove!

    xx Frankie

  2. Very nice outfit!!
    Super cool clothes and pics


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