Roaming In A Statement Jumper

Monday, January 20, 2014

Photographed by Aiyana Yuki

MILITARY CAP & JUMPER: Isabel Marant pour H&M
BAG: JustFab
RINGS: H&M, Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe
EARRINGS: Charming Charlie 


Hi LOVEs! Happy Monday :))) Did you all have a wonderful weekend??
Last Friday I went to my friend's farewell party. It was such a blast <3 Not only did I met tons of new  people, we partied and had an amazing time until freaking 7am!!!! She is from Taiwan. We don't get to hang out all the time, but we both know we are good friends. She has been supporting my fashion and dreams for a while and whenever she sees me, she always gives me lots of compliments on my outfit! We always end up talking about old fond memories, and  how we've both grown up since then...
You know, I love living in America because I know my life belongs here. I feel like the dreams I have only make since in America. Nonetheless, one of the hardest moments is saying good bye to my beloved friends that leave/will leave the states. I never get used to that. Anyway, I was so pleased to see her for the first time in a long time. Especially right before she is moving back. I wish her all the best because she also has her dreams in Japan!!!! :)


I believe that you are very familiar with this fabulously amazing jumper!! It's one of the popular collection pieces from Isabel Marant x H&M last year. Ever since I've brought this one, I've never stopped loving it!! haha
This jumper is seriously a standout winter essential. It looks warm and cozy while being extremely stylish! I paired it with a denim mini skirt and leopard boots, for a more casual look. If you have seen my fall/winter outfits, you might notice that my outfits can't be completed without HATS! I am kinda sad that it covers up the saved side though. This lovely navy military cap is also my pickup from the collection, and I am so in love with it! Just the hat itself has the french vibe. So adding it to any outfit can effortlessly upgrade your look.
Don't shy away from the pastel colors this season!! Pastel pink is my current obsession! With it, I added just right amount of the sweetness to my bag, and a different pink to my lippie.
I really like this look because it combines both casual and chic feeling in it!

Hope your new week is going well!
As always thanks for stopping by! 


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