Thursday, September 4, 2014

NARS Audacious Lipstick Collection ♥

Today's article is all about BEAUTY and MAKEUP!!!!! Makeup has been around since the time of Egyptian queens like Cleopatra, and women have been using it to enhance their natural beauty since forever! Why? Well, I believe that makeup helps with confidence, self-image, and has the capability to shape the emotional reaction of others. Just think about the impact that a bright red lipstick can have! My fashion is never complete without makeup. Ever.

A few weeks ago, my MUA friend, Melissa (who is also a Makeup Stylist at NARS at Barney's NY) invited me to the launch of NARS new collection - The Audacious Lipstick Collection.  In celebration of its 20th anniversary, they have released 40 new shades of lipstick colors, along with other cosmetics -- including beautifully colored nail polishes. The shades from nudes, reds, pinks, orange, plums, and vampy shades. Each shade is named for an iconic woman in song, film or fashion and is encased in a sleek matte-black tube with a magnetic click. 
Of all 40 colors, a selection of 10 shades - Vanessa, Julie, Dominique, Marisa, Vivien, Silvia, Kelly, Carmen, Sandra, and Ingrid - are exclusive to NARS Boutiques, and Barney's New York, but all 40 of them are permanent. They were launched a few weeks earlier at Barney's, so I went to the one in downtown to check them out, and I had Melissa do my makeup (That was the most fun part!) Now the collection is available at Sephora and other department stores!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Are You #LookBatterNaked Enough?

Today's ALC (AikA's Love Closet) is a bit of different than usual, brining you more of the "healthy & athletic" side of fashion!
If you have followed me on my Insta (If you haven't, please follow me!), you probably know that I've been teaming up with David Barton Gym for the #LookBetterNaked challenge!

Back in June, I was super thrilled for the start of summer. I had been working very hard as a flag performer for Seafair, the biggest and most exiting summer festivals in Seattle. I always wanted to work out to get into better shape because I wasn't very satisfied with how I looked at the time, especially around my belly and arms. Nonetheless, because there were so many crazy things going on in my life, I never made going to a gym or even workout at home a priority.  For the parade at Seafair  I had to march nearly 2 miles continuously, so I seriously needed to build some muscles to be ready for that!
So I was very excited for this great offer/opportunity/challenge that David Barton Gym gave me! It was such a P E R F E C T time!

With my surprise (Like a BIG surprise!), they are not a gym AT ALL! Firstly, they are located in the center of high-end fashion brand shops, which makes me feel very luxurious every time I go to "workout!" Where in the world does a gym make you feel that way? Then, right after you step into the gym, the breathtaking futuristically architectural entrance welcomes you with upbeat DJ music, and their atmosphere really reminds me of a fancy club! (Yes, I used to love going out every Friday and Saturday!) Every single place you go, including the shower rooms and changing room, you might forget that you are actually at the gym for workout!! 
Here are the pictures you can peek Seattle David Barton Gym...
On my first day, outward of the gym and me in it :)
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